Information and helpful tips about the House

Wireless internet: Via satellite. It will come up as NETGEAR86.  The security code is:  seawind1

Thermostats: There are separate thermostats for upstairs and downstairs. Touching the screen anywhere turns on the back light.  The controller is in the auto mode. Set the temperatures for heat or cool as desired by pressing on the arrows.  Set the heat temperature for the minimum temperature you want the house to get before the heat comes on, and set the cool temperature to the maximum temperature you want before the air conditioner comes on.

Grill:  You are welcome to use the grill.  You will need to turn on the gas tank on.  Please turn the gas off when you are through.  We also ask that if you use the grill that you clean it so that it is acceptable for the next guests.  Our cleaning help will not clean grills. Extra full tanks are located on the open grilling deck next to the grill. Place empty tanks in the south east corner of the open grilling deck.

Canoe:   If you use the Canoe, we want to remind you to wear a lifejacket.  You can be fined $50 if you are caught in a canoe without a life jacket. Children under 12 are required to be wearing their lifejacket and it must be fastened and sized appropriately. When you are done with the Canoe, please place it back on the rack by the pier and not leave it in the sand by the lake where it can easily float off as the lake levels vary. Paddles and life jackets can be found in the in the strore room on the Lower level. The key for the Canoe padlock is in the kitchen drawer next to the refrigerator.  The kayaks are under the deck.  Paddles and life jackets are in the locker under the deck. Please let life jackets dry before closing the locker doors.

Patio/walkway lights: The two 3-way switches are located at the top of the outdoor stairs and out by the patio on the white post.  The dimmer for those lights is on the white post.  
The posts for the volleyball net and tetherball are underneath the deck next to the wall. There are pipe sockets buried in the ground to receive the posts to make assembly easy.  They are in the level area of the back yard.  And see diagram in welcome book.

Trash: There is no scheduled trash pickup. Renter is responsible for removing all trash by checkout time. Extra trash bags are found in the laundry room. There is a trash station 5.5 miles away called Oconee convenience station and is open from 7 AM to 7 PM closed on Wednesdays and Sundays. They also recycle glass aluminum plastic and cardboard. See directions and map in the welcome book.
Septic Tank:  We use a septic tank, so excess toilet paper and feminine products cannot be flushed down the toilet.  You will be charged a service fee if lines become clogged from improper use. 

Telephone:  Cell service is good. There is no land line.

Fire Extinguishers:  Are found in the laundry room on the main floor, and to the right of the cabinets above the microwave in the Lower level, and in the furnace room in the Lower level.

Upstairs refrigerator:  If there were no renters within a day or two before your arrival the ice maker may have been turned off and drained. So check it upon arrival so you will have a ice when you need it.

 Ice cube maker in the basement:  Use this machine when you need larger quantities of ice. There is a cooler on wheels that can be used to transport ice to the patio. The ice cube maker may not be full or turned on when you arrive, so check it early upon arrival if you intend to use it. If the home was vacant the week before your arrival then it may have been turned off and drained.  Push firmly and hold until the on light appears.  Same for off until the light goes out.

Basement furniture:  The drop leaf table has additional leaves and chairs in the storage room. Move it where you like for games, watching TV, etc.  There are some board games/playing cards under the bar.

 Outdoor Fire pit:  The fire pit is on wheels.  Move it where you like to avoid smoke drift.

Outdoor shower:  The outdoor shower by the patio is for rinsing off only. Use of soaps and detergents are prohibited that close to the lake. Please help preserve Lake Keowee’s Beauty and clarity by not using soap at the outdoor shower. The hot water line takes about 2 gallons of water to become hot so be patient and group the usage of the shower if you can. In Midsummer the cold water line may not be all that cold. The handles to the hot and cold frost proof hydrants have to be opened first to supply water to the shower handle. Hot on left.  Cold on right.

 Outdoor games: There are a variety of outdoor games in the store room in the lower level which include a volleyball/badminton set, horseshoes, ladder ball, Tetherball and croquet.

The posts for the volleyball net and tetherball are underneath the deck next to the wall. There are pipe sockets buried in the ground to receive the posts to make assembly easy.  They are in the level area of the back yard.

Lawn Service:  We hire a lawn service to mow the lawn and try to have it done when there are no renters, but occasionally it will need to be done while renters are present.

Boat rental:  -- Highly recommended.  If you rent for more than one day, you can keep the boat at the dock overnight.  They gave us very good service.



Fishing license:  Fishing licenses can be obtained at the gas station on the corner of Keowee School Road and Evatt Road. See the map for the route to the trash station to find those roads. 

Waterfalls:  The Mountain Lakes visitors guide features many waterfalls in the area that make a great day trip to visit. You can also find more information about these waterfalls by going to


      Click on this gogobot link to find directions to sliding rock waterfalls