Check in/Check out Information

We are happy that you chose our house for your vacation rental and want to make sure that your stay is as comfortable as possible and meets your every need.

Our house is located at 565 Ellenburg Rd., Seneca, SC.  If you need directions, let us know and we will send them to you.  Most GPS systems will take you all the way to our house.  Google maps are great source also.

Check in is after 4:00 pm., check out is 11:00 am unless other times are previously agreed upon.

Keyless entry: You will be issued an entry code for the front door. The garage door can be opened and closed by use of the button inside the garage.  Keys for the storage shed and canoe can be found in the kitchen drawer next to the refrigerator.

If you are bringing a boat, you may launch it on our paved boat ramp or at High Falls Park directly across the bay.  Empty boat trailers may be parked on the boat ramp or on the front lawn next to and parallel to the road and at least 3 feet from the pavement edge.  

Welcome Book:  Make sure you read the Welcome Book, located in the living room, for rules of the house and helpful information.  Our contact information is there in case you come upon any problems or questions.


Check out Information

Dishes:  place all dirty dishes in the dish washer and start cycle.  Large Items that do not fit in the dish washer may be left in the drying rack after cleaned.  If any dishes have been accidently broken, please report it so they can be replaced.
Bedding and towels:  Strip the beds that were used and leave sheets, and pillow cases in a pile in the laundry room, with the used towels and wash cloths. If you could please start a load of white towels and wash cloths in the washer it would be greatly appreciated.

Keys:  Lock the canoe and return key to the kitchen drawer next to the refrigerator.

Outdoor games:  return all games to the storage room in the lower level.  Remove volleyball and tetherball posts from the yard (if used) and place on the lower level porch area next to the wall.

Welcome book/maps: Return to living room coffee table

General condition: If you notice anything that may need maintenance or repair, please leave a note for housekeeping on the dining table or let us know by e-mail or phone. Note pad is in the drawer by the refrigerator.

Doors:  Lock all patio doors from the inside, close and secure windows and close blinds that receive sunshine to reduce air conditioning costs.  Basement window blinds may remain open. Close garage door and lock the entry door to the garage.  The front door entry code will be changed 1 hour after departure.

Trash:  Take your trash to the trash station prior to or at the time of your departure.

Grill:  Turn off the gas tank.  We also ask that if you use the grill that you clean it so that it is acceptable for the next guests.  Our cleaning help will not clean grills. Place empty tanks in the south east corner of the open grilling deck.

Outdoor Firepit:  Replace under the cover.  Cover any leftover firewood.  Leave the splitting maul on the downstairs porch.